About Us

Why use our Public Relations services

As a Global Majority founded PR company we are in a unique position in the PR industry, levelling up is the way forward for Public Relations, moving away from the PR stereotype and background.

Launched in 2022 Ven Spence PR is a London-based Public Relations agency, providing strategic communication services, we aim to build and maintain a positive image and reputation for Individuals, Organizations or Brands. Whilst helping to manage relationships with the media, customers, employees and the general public.

We use various methods and channels to effectively communicate key messages and enhance brand visibility.

Our ultimate goal as a PR agency is to establish trust, credibility and goodwill between an entity and its target audience.

We understand how to build relationships and communicate with people in all walks of life, our uniqueness stems from life experiences and the passion for communication to be taken to the next level.

We also desire to be trailblazers for other diverse backgrounds to view the PR industry as a profession for everyone regardless of background or race.